The Rainy Day Pouch — 8 Things You Should Have with You

Recently, my cousin and I took her three small children to the beach. This was the first time they had ever seen the ocean, and to say the excitement was high is an understatement. But soon, they wanted to build a sand castle, at which point we realized our mistake: we had forgotten to bring the necessary equipment for one to make a sand castle.

No worries — Auntie Emily to the rescue. I had tossed my Rainy Day Pouch into my beach bag, and it contained a small pair of scissors. Since we had water bottles, I used the scissors and cut the bottles in half. It was terrible sand castle building equipment, but it kept the toddlers entertained and also held the shells they found.

Now, my cousin did wonder why I had scissors — something along the lines of “why the hell do you have these?” It was just a stroke of luck, but I felt what I often feel when I’m prepared and others are not: smug pride.

You’d think my purse weighs a ton, but not as much as others. These 10 essentials are double-duty. They have multiple purposes, and they’re lightweight. They’re things we don’t necessarily think to carry, but when you need them, you NEED them. And since they are small, you can toss them all into a pouch, toss it in your bag, and forget about it.

#1 Scissors

#2 Safety pin

#3 Lighter

#4 A little screwdriver

#5 Plastic store bag

#6 Alcohol or Purell wipes

#7 A permanent marker

And #8 — A mask

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